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Dr. Peter Toh


Dr. Peter Toh




Dr.Toh E.K.(Peter)

Registered Medical Practitioner (AM)

website: www.lifebooks.webs.com 

email: petoh07@gmail.com


My practice resides on interfacing Alternative Medicine to Conventional mainstream medicine to enhance the efficacy of medical science. My medical research is on exploring herbs, pharma-nutrition and medicines to prevent and cure diseases, especially autoimmune diseases and cancers.


My Qualifications

PhD Spiritual Healing and Energy

DSc Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine

MD Medical Doctor (Naturopath)

Higher Int. Diploma in Complimentary Therapies SNHS(UK)

Diploma in Kinesiology SNHS(UK)

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology SNHS(UK)

Diploma in Nutrition SNHS(UK)

Adivanced Diploma in Nutrition  SNHS(UK)

Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming SNHS(UK)

Professional member of The International Association of Medical  Intuitives MIAMI(US)



email: petoh_01@yahoo.com












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