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Laura Lee Mistycah


Laura Lee Mistycah C.R., MRT.
816 West Francis #244
Spokane WA 99205
(509) 487-0151

Laura Lee Mistycah is a seasoned practitioner, empathic, medical intuitive, lecturer, author, researcher and developer in the field of holistic health and regeneration, and has recently established a hands-on education system with her Cutting Edge Healing Modalities Labs. (These labs provide III levels of training and certification programs in Foot Reflexology, Muscle Response Testing (Kinesiology) Emotional Debris Sweeping, and an introduction to Kryahgenetics.) Her early research intensified when her mother (then age 53) began taking on the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and died in a rest home10 years later. From Laura Lee's investigations of the psychology and neuro-distortions involved in this ailment, she has been able to help others correct and regenerate from these same symptoms! Laura Lee has helped hundreds of people master their physical and emotional challenges (many which were deemed as "incurable")….. with her hands on techniques as well as over the phone.

Laura Lee is currently working with what she calls "First Wave Indigo Children" born between 1969-1987. She is writing a book called "Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches and Victories of First Wave Indigo Children" and hoping to have it ready for press by summer 2004. Click here to find out what these amazing humans are about.

One of the things Laura Lee has also been noted for is the spontaneous healings and sense of well being that occur when she does speaking engagements and phone consultations. Whether it is the tones in her voice, or her ability to emit healing energy, this phenomenon surrounds her. (She has also taken her talents to the pet kingdom with great results!) As an intuitive reader, Laura Lee is able to decipher what a person's spiritual contracts and agendas are here on this planet. She is very accurate in identifying what her clients came here to do and how best to use those talents they brought with them, many of which still need to be developed. She has found that Indigo's seem to have at least double the amount of contracts that other "normal" people have. This is because they have the energy, psychic abilities, awareness, and capacity to do more.

Another spiritual endeavor Laura Lee has gained notoriety for is her work with her partner Ronnie Mound doing "Ghostbusting." Freeing these trapped spirits also frees the consciousness grid of our planet from unneeded pain, suffering, anger, fear and guilt that these spirits are emanating. Click here to find out more about GhostBusting!

Laura Lee is an advocate of bringing out the best in people, and a rekindler of love, romance, and chivalry. One of the most important responsibilities she feels she came here to do on this planet is to be the Steward of "The Knights of Mistyc House." Her work as Steward is to activate the “Modern Day Knights” from all over the globe and dub them into this new order of Knights. This organization could have a far-reaching impact on many levels of our society that have become polluted with unethical practices. These designated Knights will contribute globally, the strength and means to bring back male chivalry, honor and impeccability on a personal level. To see "The Knights Code" visit: Click here to see "The Kinghts Code"

In all her healing work, Laura Lee uses Aurauralite/Aulmauracite, the "Magical Mystical Stone of Truth" to assist her and her clients in "getting to the bottom of their problems and challenges." This rock is NOT of this world, and has properties of collapsing time and space for more speedy and efficient healing. Stories of this amazing rock can be found at: Click here to read stories about this amazing rock!

To find out more visit www.mistychouse.com.
To schedule an appointment call (509) 487-0151 or e-mail: healing@mistychouse.com






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