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Geraldine Lo Monaco, RP-CRA



Geraldine Lo Monaco, RP-CRA
Calgary, AB
Phone: 403.606.8807



Geraldine was born and raised in Milan, Italy until her mid twenties where she obtained a Master Degree in Marketing Communications.  She lived in New York and Chicago before moving to Montreal, Canada in 1999 and Calgary in March 2014. She's a natural born healer and Intuitive and prior to fully embrace her life calling profession, she had an import-export company and she was co-founder of a fine art service agency.

She has the capacity to see, perceive and heal the energy body and find the root cause of energetic blockages that contribute to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomforts or illness. Becoming aware of the root causes of illness from the holistic perspective, helps individuals to focus their healing and treatment to clear up blockages and make specific lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthier way of being and a more balanced life. Events from early or past lives, often come to surface, remain in the energetic body and result in a blockage. According to her client's need, she uses different techniques, including her developed ones, to work on both Physical and Etheric body through Chakras and all levels of the Auric Field .

She has been trained in Pranic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Magnetism, Colour and Chrystal Therapy, Barbara Brennan fundamentals and Energy Medicine. Geraldine is also a Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive and Holistic Life Coach. She is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) and International Association of Medical Intuitives (IAMI)

Through the year, she regularly holds workshops on the vast spectrum of energy healing and holistic wellness. Her consultations are offered in person, telephone or via Skype and are held in English, French or Italian.









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