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Sandi Vandouris


Sandi Vandouris
Divine Light
1621 West Hayden Avenue
Hayden Lake, ID 83835


I have always been intuitive and drawn to psychology of sorts. Only recently, in 2002 I was opened to Reiki (hands on healing). I immediately sensed many things. I have studied all modalities of spiritual healing and took a year long spiritual healing course from Barbara St. Dennis where I learned many spiritual modalities. Recently I became the Apprentice of Charles Lightwalker, Phd. I have a business in Hayden Lake, Idaho called Divine Light. I work from a place of total compassion for other people and their health and well being. Being a medical intuitive is so much more than being a healer because you are assessing what is ailing or not ailing the body. It is very deep work.

When I am working on a client it “just comes up” what is wrong or should I say “out of balance”. Sometimes it screams out at me. Everyone is in charge of their own body and most importantly their own choices in life. You can choose to take what I say seriously or not, but I am here I believe to assist you on your path in the most gentle, loving way possible. We all need LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for who we are regardless of our medical issues. If you feel you need a medical intuitive, call me and I will help you and guide you on your way to health and well being.







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