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Miluna Fausch


Kir Noel

Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, PhD
Palo Alto, CA
(818) 640-918



Choose to experience more health, well-being, energy and purpose!

Miluna will teach you that you hold the keys to your own self healing.

Dr. Miluna Fausch discovered intuitive/counseling work after her own personal journey of healing.  When she found out she had a tumor in her head, she never dreamed where all of this would lead.  She was very holistic-minded before her surgeries and even more so after. She became vigilant about finding out what holistic and complementary modalities were available to heal illness and disease. She firmly believed that the tumor in her head was a gift, on a soul level, for several reasons … but most importantly because she could not show others how to achieve healing and wholeness … if she had not personally experienced it for herself. 

After her surgeries, the perfect teachers began to show up to train her in the healing arts.  Her training includes ARCH® healing energy therapy, certified intuitive reader and certified medical intuitive reader.  She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner, and has a Ph.D. in Holistic Alternative Psychology. 

What would it be like to feel your best?
Do you want to find out how to really care for yourself?  A reading will give you specific guidance on how to eat correctly for you, care for yourself in the best way possible, how to manage your emotions and stress level, and how to increase healing joy and fun in your life. An intuitive reading will help you put all of the pieces together into a true picture of wholeness and health.  You will be able to maximize your health, energy levels, passion and anti-aging.

Do you need to lose weight or are you experiencing physical symptoms?

If you are overweight or having physical symptoms it is your body's way of telling you that something is out of balance. A reading will give you specific guidance on what to eat, how to exercise, emotional or spiritual reasons for illness or holding onto weight, how to keep your heart healthy and how to be on-purpose in your life. Do not accept that you are "getting older" or "that is just the way it is". There is help available. Your natural state is healthy, energetic, and pain-free.

Do you want to feel more of a spiritual connection?
Are you feeling like you are missing something? That you are not on-purpose or fulfulling your mission here on Mother Earth? Every being on this planet came here for a specific purpose. A reading will help you determine your true calling, your true happiness and joy and let you know the reasons being on-purpose is so very important. Ask any questions that you have.

Receive guidance—put all the pieces together to experience wholeness.  We look at your lifestyle including food, supplements, environment/toxins, exercise, emotions, mental strength, joy.  Find out how to lose weight; receive guidance on health, dealing with your stress level, relationships, life purpose and spiritual issues.  Find out what is raising your energy and life force and what is lowering it.  You will receive at least 5 practical things you can do to improve your wellness-body, mind, heart and spirit.  Ask the questions that you have.  Get the answers you seek to experience more health, energy and anti-aging.

Dr. Miluna prepares for each person and works by appointment only. Sessions are by telephone or via Skype.  To schedule your appointment, call 818.640.9183 or email today.


"Miluna provided me with a powerful experience while keeping a light and joyful atmosphere. Her insights gave me greater confidence in my intuitions and feelings and provided me with inspiring information I had not previously been aware of. I value my experience with her and all the guidance and support she was able to tap into. She also did not hesitate to clarify any additional information from the reading days after. I believe that she has a great talent and is a tremendous help to those that seek it."
Private, Laguna Beach

"I feel like this information is really going to put me back on track.  I am amazed at how dead on all the information was that I received. It really got down to the bottom of where I need to make changes in my life.  I am so glad I didn't go again to a medical doctor".
Laura Eropkin, Laguna Beach, CA

I have benefitted more from my 2 hour reading with Miluna than from a recent 2 hour psychotherapy session.  I now feel better and take care of myself on all levels-body, mind, and spirit."
Lori, Reseda, CA





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