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Joy McEntire



Joy McEntire
Virginia, USA



Joy McEntire is highly medically intuitive with an extensive understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA, and more. She helps people to find amazing answers to their medical questions.

She provides consultations internationally, for people of all ages, both in-person and via video chat.

She attended an intensive 3-year nursing school program, and graduated at the top of her class. This training included a final year of hospital hands-on training, rotating through all of the various medical practices during that time, complete with assignments and in-depth study. She subsequently practiced as a registered nurse for many years.

During this time, she picked up much information and many techniques that underlie the high quality of her medical intuition.

She has since spent a lot of time using her medical intuition to help people find answers to many obscure health issues, and has learned that most answers are just “the tip of the iceberg.”

It is necessary to be aware of the big picture, such as which body systems are most impacted or are “at the top of the stack”, but it’s actually more helpful to go much deeper, such as down to the tiniest little bits of chemistry and biology in the body… and even in the DNA.

So Joy likes to check the underlying chemistry and the building blocks of the body, including the genes. She finds sources of imbalances in the DNA and other related things in the body by using a variety of tools, including the extensive gene map that is currently available.

Joy later moved from registered nurse to a career in computer programming, which means that it’s easy to design effective high-level databases and create other work-arounds to keep expanding core medical knowledge, not to mention that programming and design also creates an ability to think clearly and to provide leading-edge answers in many other ways.

For individuals who prefer just the basic information, such as help with food and diet, or  which organs and body systems are impacted, or what “label” might be the best energy-match for their symptoms, Joy easily provides that information as well. The first consultation is almost always spent on this level of more basic information.

For more information, please visit Joy’s website, at http://www.happywhalewhispers.com/.


You are welcome to Schedule a video-chat appointment directly through her online calendar.  Consults are $175. It is usually helpful to have several appointments initially (three or more), in order to get deeper to reach more of your core building blocks.






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