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Jan Longshore, BS, ANA


Jan Longshore, BS, ANA
395 Raven View Dr.
Sagle, Idaho 83860

Jan Longshore retired from Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department in 1986 with serious spinal damage and massive damage to her right shoulder and knee that she was told would never heal. At retirement, she was a Field Training Officer, working in a high crime (gang) area. From childhood, Jan was graced with intuitive powers that helped her in crisis management and guided her in the counseling she did throughout her law enforcement career.

In 1987, she moved to the Northwest where for many years, she suffered as result of her injuries. “Life was difficult. Because of the pain, I had difficulty walking. I had also suffered digestive and respiratory problems most of my life. It was no wonder my health rapidly spiraled downward, resulting in a large weight gain and many serious degenerative health challenges.

I had blood sugar imbalances, sleep disorders, depression, low energy, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, ringing in the ears, my digestive problems became critical, and I was informed by a medical professional I was either going to die from a heart attack, have a stroke and would have emphysema within two years. He didn’t tell me which would occur first. I lived in a beautiful home on a beautiful lake and was loved and supported by a wonderful family. I was dying the American dream! When your health is seriously compromised and you live in chronic pain… nothing else much matters.

I finally decided to take back control of my own health. I began using herbal remedies and alternative healing and most of my health problems improved or disappeared entirely, including much of the weight I had gained. I am again blessed with good health!”

Jan has been classified as a wounded healer, having experienced much pain and degenerative health challenges so that she would truly understand their impact on the human body and soul. Having allowed healing energies into her body, mind and spirit, she opened up to the power of the Universe and her own gifted healing abilities. With the acceptance of these powerful gifts, she has pursued her life’s mission of helping others to regain their health and empowering them to fulfill their dreams and mission on earth.

Jan is a Medical Intuitive, a 5th level Reiki Master, a motivator and a life style coach. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a counselor for 30 years and is an ordained minister. Jan uses different healing modalities such as chakra clearing, tuning forks, divination, Kinesiology and Shamanic journeying to assist others with clearing old debris and to help bring into balance their emotional, mental and physical issues.

Jan is experienced in different herbal supplements and condensed core food products that she sometimes recommends to her clients to bring their diet to a higher nutritional level. She is experienced in weight loss techniques and understands the importance proper nutrition plays in creating balance in one’s life. For more nutritional information, visit www.sageant.net/miracles

Shamanic animal communication is one of Jan’s abilities and she is well known as an animal advocate and is the animal health educator for a well known herb company. She has written articles on the White Buffalo in Flagstaff, Arizona and two Bengal tigers living in an animal rescue center in Montana, in an effort to assist them with donations for their upkeep. Her spiritual name is “She Who Speaks For All”.

Jan is a free lance writer and has written for different publications since 1974. She has written health articles and articles on motivational subjects such as “The Law of Attraction.” She has owned a porcelain doll company where she created beautiful collectible dolls that touched the hearts of many. Her other creative talents include stain glass, quilting and she is an artist in several mediums. She has even been a general contractor in home construction.

Jan is an excellent teacher and says she will forever be a “great student.” She is D’Shea certified, a member of the American Nutraceutical Association and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is a noted speaker and is a certified “Train the Trainer” by Peak Potentials, Inc.




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