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Connie Pray


Charles Lightwalker

Connie Pray
3300 Miller Hill Rd
Stevensville, MT 59870


Connie Pray's interest in healing began at age seven when she started performing massage on family and friends. As a young adult, she discovered that she could see colors and patterns of energy surrounding people and animals. This ability led her into intensive study of metaphysics and extrasensory perception.

Connie's college background is in Chemistry and Microbiology. She worked as a medical lab technician for a short time, then joined the corporate world and worked as a manager, mediator and trainer for twenty-three years. After many years in the medical and corporate world, Connie decided to dedicate her work to the healing arts. She is a full-time massage therapist, medical intuitive, light reader, and business consultant. She has a unique ability to directly connect to clients' angels and guides, and access information that will enhance her clients' lives. Her medical background allows her to identify and interpret energy patterns in the body that represent illness or injury. Connie also consults with corporations and organizations on ergonomic issues and provides employee training for prevention of repetitive motion injuries.

Connie currently lives in the Bitterroot Valley in Northwestern Montana with her husband, horses, dogs and cats. She works with clients either in person or by phone, and finds great joy in helping each client access information that can enhance their lives. She believes that joy is the most powerful emotion on the planet and is dedicated to helping clients increase the joy in their lives.

Connie offers personal readings tailored to each client's needs. She is able to access information from a variety of sources including the clients Akashic Records, angels, spirit guides, and past life experiences. As a medical intuitive, Connie is able to identify areas in the body where energy has collected and may be contributing to pain, illness and injury. When this energy is associated with past life experiences, she is adept at identifying the experiences and helping clients to clear the energy.

To contact Connie for information or to schedule a reading, please email her at conniepray@conniepray.com , or call her at 406-777-5127.






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