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Catherine Poole, D.D., MFA


Charles Lightwalker
Catherine Poole, D.D., MFA
Integrated Health Concepts
Sapling Grove Professional Building
240 Medical Park Boulevard, Suite 1000
Bristol, Tennessee, 37620


Catherine Poole, D.D., MFA taught color theory and graphic design for more than fifteen years, nine years at the University of Notre Dame. Educated as a graphic designer (Indiana University and Cranbrook Academy of Art), Catherine became interested in how color interacts with human response and her research into the energetic system began. She is now a well-respected medical intuitive, traveling and educating people about energy, color and dis-ease manifestation.

Her presentations are fascinating, corresponding color with culture, comparing social circumstances with predominate colors of the era and looking into the spiritual correlations of color, human response dis-ease and treatment. Catherine gives thought to what many have taken for granted for centuries: the truth about color and our energetic system.

Catherine is a talented intuitive, reading aura energy and offering current life contexts and explanations for the readings she provides. Whether the readings fall in line with past life or current life challenges, Catherine is sensitive, understanding and embraces a sincere desire to help individuals understand why they are here, and how they are being challenged in this lifetime. She provides insightful understanding of a client’s current situations and the compassion to explain relationships on many levels.

Color plays a vital role in our lives, it not only provides beauty, color has purpose; it helps us understand our purpose. We thirst for certain colors and the energy and influence they provide just as we thirst for water. Catherine Poole is co-author of Everyday Lessons: Understanding the Events, Interactions and Attitudes That Make Up Your Life.

EVERYDAY LESSONS explains the correlation of seemingly insignificant everyday encounters and relates these to color and your energetic system.

Catherine Poole co-founded Integrated Health Concepts with Dr. James H. Schrenker, a family practice physician in 2004 in Bristol, Tennessee. She and Dr. Schrenker work together and separately bringing answers and hope to many. For full clinic packages visit their website at www.BristolClinic.com.

She is a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives, the American Business Women’s Association and an ordained minister. She is currently teaching a class on energy medicine at Indiana University’s School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Catherine Poole is available for seminars, workshops, keynotes and customized corporate presentations and welcomes individual readings. For more information, contact Catherine through Integrated Health Concepts, Sapling Grove Professional Building 240 Medical Park Boulevard, Suite 1000, Bristol, Tennessee, 37620. E-mail her at cpoole@integratedconcepts.org or phone 423.968.9669.

Visit Catherine’s website at www.catherinepoole.com or www.BristolClinic.com






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