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Charles Lightwalker


Charles Lightwalker

Charles Lightwalker
Family Of Light Healing Center
3814 E.9th Ave
Spokane,WA. 99202


Charles is an ordained Minister, Certified Religious Counselor, Certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive Teacher,  holds a Masters in Chaplaincy Studies and holds a doctorate in Religious Studies/World Shamanism. Charles is also a shamanic practitioner, sound healer and yoga enthusiast.  Charles enjoys walking, hiking, dancing and playing music. Charles also serves as a Chaplin for Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane, WA, and for 4 and a half years was a part time minister for the Center for Spiritual Living in Clarkston, WA. Charles also taught Metis Shamanism for 10 years, through the Intuitive Healing Arts Program for the Family of Light Healing Center. Charles has practiced in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


Charles is now semi-retired from ministry work and is focusing on training Medical Intuition Practitioner, and Medical Intuition Instructors for the Center for Intuitive Studies, and continuing his shamanic teaching work with the Metis Medicine Program. Charles can be reached at 509-389-7290 or charleslightwalker@yahoo.com. Charles also volunteers as a Chaplain at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane, Washington, and serves on the Spokane County Veterans Advisory Board. Veterans' Advisory Board (VAB) | Spokane County, WA






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