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Charles Lightwalker


Charles Lightwalker

Charles Lightwalker
Family Of Light Healing Center
3814 E.9th Ave
Spokane,WA. 99202


As a child Charles was able to sense the vibrational patterns of people and was sensitive to their empathic energies. Charles#146;
intuitive nature led him into counseling. He served as a religious counselor, crisis counselor, facilitator of self help groups, and now as a channeller. He is known to have a calm, non-judgmental nature which helps him be a clear channel.

Charles has studied with shamen and alternative healers for over 26 years. He is a Medical Intuitive Reiki Master, Ordained minister, Certified religious counselor and Certified Spiritual healer. He has studied Feng Shui, Yoga, Raindrop Therapy, Past life regression, Intuitive healing and Energy anatomy and has a Ph.D. in Religious
Studies. Charles is a Channeller/Psychic/Spiritual Healer/Medical Intuitive who communicates with guides and angels to assist in helping others direct and empower themselves.

He channels Giddeon, who is his main spirit guide; St. Germain; Thoth, who is an Atlantean; Archangel Raphael, and also channels your own spirit guides and angels. Charles helps people become aware of their own abilities and power to heal themselves as well as the energies and guides that are available to assist them in their life's journey. This enables them to see that they may have greater choices in their life and gain clearer insights.

Charles and Serena work individually or in unity to create a pyramid effect, increasing the energy 3-fold. Living life consciously each moment is their passion, as they make their creative and evolutionary choices along their journey.

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