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Caterina Barregar


Caterina Barregar

Caterina Barregar
Sooke Yoga And Wellness
201-6750 West Coast Rd.
Sooke, British Columbia
V9Z 1H8



I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for many years, but my gift for healing broken hearts, bodies and minds began at the age of 8. My grandmother was a healer and somehow the gift of healing became a part of me when I spent a year with her in Berlin, Germany.

In the years that followed, I became very aware that I was able to feel people's pain and suffering.

I could intuitively see and understand what their physical condition was, how it happened and what the emotional connection was.

As the years went by, I wanted more and more to help those who were suffering. I became a Reiki Master, so that I could be an even more effective healer. My teacher said this in a testimonial after I took her classes over a 1 year period.

"As Caterina's Reiki Master, I am truly impressed by the high degree of medical intuition she naturally has. Caterina is also able to offer sound advice as to how to deal with those issues of concern. Anyone seeking therapy from Caterina will greatly benefit from her intuitive gifts and competence as a Reiki Master." Bonnie S - Reiki Master/Teacher, Calgary, AB

I started a Professional Medical Intuitive Reiki Practice and first worked with infertile women, who were medically sound to become pregnant, by noticing blockages within their bodies and the emotional pain attached to the blockage. Using Reiki and helping them to understand the emotional side of their physical blocks, helped them to conceive without further medical intervention.

I soon realized that people who came to me, also required coaching, so I became a Professional Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

One day, I had a client who was away on holidays and I could not see her personally for a session. So we did a session over the phone. In that session I used my powers of intuition, Reiki and coaching skills to help her create physical and emotional pain relief.

Since then, I have helped men and women around the globe, over the phone. I do in person consults when I travel and in my office on Vancouver Island. Whether you choose me as your medical intuitive Reiki Master remotely or in person, your life will be transformed. '

Blessings and smiles across the miles.







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