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Bente Hansen


Beth Coleman

Bente Hansen
156 Mill St #4
Poughkeepsie NY 12601
(845) 454-1248


In early 2000 Australian, Bente Hansen, was approached by a group of non-physical beings while she was working in her healing room. They offered to be her teachers, and she accepted. There was, however, one condition to their teaching. She was asked to stop reading books and attending classes. Bente complied and to this day reads very little and does not attend classes.

Since then her skills in working with, and understanding, energy have become expansive. It took a leap of faith to accept that learning could come totally from non-physical beings. Needless to say, her learning has been both intensive and extensive. It is from this learning that Bente has acquired the ability to not only see into the body but as an empath she also feels where energy blockages, energy imprints and other conditions are located.  

Bente is an energy healer, medical intuitive, channeler, spiritual counselor and author. She is an accredited Reiki master, an ordained minister with the Metaphysical Universal Ministries and is also available for soul readings and distance clearing work. Bente has made guest appearances on radio and television shows, 'The Hidden Truth' and 'Alternatives In Healing'. Her first book 'Messages From Beyond' was published in 2001. Her second book 'The New World of Self Healing' (Llewellyn Worldwide) was released in November 2006. 

Bente's manner is gentle and empathic while simultaneously she is able to get to the core of issues with relative ease. She began her own path of self-healing in 1991 and since then has been passionate in supporting others on their healing journey, with the emphasis on facilitating a process of self-empowerment for clients. Over the years she has received numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, one is included below:

"As a Healing Practitioner I have had the opportunity to meet many gifted people in the field of energy medicine but meeting Bente has been an extra-ordinary experience. She is a very delightful spirit and after my first hands on session with her I can truthfully say she has an inner-sight that is rare and profound." PS, Des Moines WA 

To find out more visit www.dynamicenergyhealing.net and www.imagroupmembers.com/bentehansen  To schedule an appointment call (253) 951 7223 or email bhansen9@hotmail.com





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