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Alan Bridges


Beth Coleman

Alan Bridges
London, UK / Asturias, Spain
+44 (0)20 7193 0056



Alan Bridges has been reading for clients since 1978. During the course of a near 30-year career, he has given over 10,000 readings, using his intuitive abilities and skills of clairvoyance, mediumship and healing.

As a medical and spiritual clairvoyant, Alan is a natural-born sensitive, who even as a child could detect illness in others. In 1990 he became aware of his calling to medical intuition when he was diagnosed with a non-curable, degenerative and debilitating disease. Instinctively, he understood that his illness was a sign to examine and heal his spirit. In so doing he healed his body and learned the language of spirit.

After a successful and varied career in law and business consultancy, Alan embarked on an extensive programme of studying, training and working in the areas of medical intuition, psychic awareness and mediumship. While studying at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London, he won the respect and praise of some of the world's most talented and respected intuitives, psychics and mediums.

Alan’s psychic abilities coupled with his professional legal background have made him a much sought-after consultant in criminal and civil litigation, including jury selection and witness examination. As an expert on palmistry, he is also regularly engaged by international organisations for recruitment and personnel issues.

His private practice has an international following with clients returning to him for his accurate, compassionate and practical insights based on his own real world experiences. Instead of merely making predictions, he specialises in explaining the options open to his clients and in empowering them to make the changes needed in their lives.

Alan’s aim is to inspire his clients to achieve their goals. To that end, he works intensively with each individual, providing them with comprehensive medical intuitive assessments, intuitive life coaching sessions, spiritual counselling and energy healing. Together with the client, Alan motivates the individual to realise their innate potential, and encourages them to take total control of their health and wellbeing through a better understanding of their own energy systems and spirituality.

Alan divides his time between Central London and northern Spain. Due to the nature of his work and his abilities, he provides a full range of readings and consultations by telephone as well as in person.

Contact Alan today and take that first step to living a happier, healthier and more authentic life!

 For more information, visit Alan’s website:






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